Use on point or apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes. Detail work or filling large areas depending upon the size and pressure applied.
For fine detailing. Examples: tiny stroke work, eyes, eyelashes, miniatures.
Script Liner
Scroll work, flowing thick-to-thin lines. Length of hair holds more paint than a regular liner, but requires more control.
Shader (Flat)
Blocking in color, shading, blending, highlighting, and stroke work.
Angular Shader (Angle Flat)
Tight shading, curved strokes. Popular rose petal brush.
Chisel Blender (Bright)
Short flat, a chisel ended, square headed bristle brush. Bright was a painter.
Wash (Glaze)
Large flat soft hair brush, used primarily for flat washes in water colour.
Filbert (Oval)
Strokes with soft edges. Blending. Natural shape for flower petals, leaves, duck, and bird feathers.
Deerfoot Stippler
Texturing brush. Use a dry brush and light pouncing technique for fur, shrubbery, and soft backgrounds.
Use dry or with tips loaded to create texture or smooth other brush strokes.
Flat, texturing brush with a naturally-fingered shape. Use for hair, grasses, wood grain, feathers, and fur.
Filbert Rake
Creates the same effect as the Rake brush but its oval shape gives softer edges.
Dagger Stripper
Long chisel edge for easy fine lines. Vary pressure for thick-to-thin ribbon effect. Other uses: faux finish techniques.
Use a dry brush with very little paint and circular or stippling technique.
Large, round, domed brushes, often made from goat, used primarily to cover whole areas in water colour.
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